Monday, January 31, 2011

February Yardage

I have added another spreadsheet to keep track of  your yards in February.  I did not put names in.  All you have to do is type in your name.  The formula is calculated in.  I will go back and add in the average yards this week.  Sorry about not having the 31st on the January sheet.  Anyway, looking forward to the BAC meet this weekend.  Keep working hard and thank you Ara and Stu for the great workouts!


Monday, January 24, 2011

BAC Swim Meet- Feb 5-6

Hello Mobsters!

Great  job swimming so far in January!  I see several of you are keeping track of your yardages so I will continue on into February.  Please consider swimming in the BAC Swim Meet February 5-6 at RMC.  I have included the sign up sheet.   Just scroll down to the entry page, print it out and circle the events you want to swim in.   Please get them to me by this Wednesday at practice.  It is $14 plus $2 per event.  The relays are the first events (besides the 500 / 1000) on Saturday and Sunday.  If we have 4 people then we could possibly swim in a relay?

Keep up the good work and I will have a February spreadsheet by next week.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year Mobsters!

Happy New Year Everyone!  I was pleasantly surprised on how many people were at the pool on Monday!  Now is the time to set those goals of getting back into shape.  I have the perfect "tool" for you to keep track of your yardages.  I have created a spreadsheet to keep track of all the yards you swim in January.  There is a TOTAL column and an AVERAGE column.  All you have to do is input your yardages for the day.  I have it set up so EVERYONE can edit (input your yardages).  Please make sure you ONLY add to your name and not delete or change anyone else's totals!  I am sure everyone will be able to somewhat keep track of what they have swam, but be care not to input in the wrong row.  I have put most of the names in that I could think of and off our our MOB email list...PLEASE if you are NOT on this list...ADD YOUR NAME!  I am not that great with everyone's names and if I missed you, I apologize.  I have added a few rows in case I have missed someone and the TOTALS and AVERAGES should be programmed.  I will check each day to make sure everyone is set to go to start keeping track!  Good luck in 2011 and I look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you in the pool!  Stu and Ara...bring it on!!!

Have a great rest of the week!